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Indy film Star

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Indy Film Star by Martin Hill

Indy the tiger is off to star in a film. She is excited. When she arrives at the enormous house where the film is to be made things don't go to plan. But with newly-perfumed paws and an air of self-importance Indy prepares herself for the cameras.

About the Author

Martin Hill was born in London. After studying science, he went into the I.T Industry for several years. He then became the co-founder of an educational resource to encourage children to read. During the past 20 years Martin has also had the privilege of working as a big cat keeper at Paradise Wildlife Park. During this time Martin has bonded with a number of big cats including a young Tiger called Indy. Martin said Indy was the most loveable tiger I have ever come across. She would always sit by the side of the fence with those beautiful eyes encouraging you over to give her a cuddle and a kiss. Martin continues to support the big cats and conservation through his writing.