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A Tigers Message Book

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A Tigers Message by Martin Hill

During a school lesson a young girl's imagination draws her into the dwindling Sumatran rainforest. There she meets with a young tiger who asks her for help. The conservation challenge of palm oil is very complex but part of the solution is creating awareness to the next generation. A Tiger's Message.

About the Author

Martin Hill was born in London. After studying science, he went into the I.T Industry for several years. He then became the co-founder of an educational resource to encourage children to read. During the past 20 years Martin has also had the privilege of working as a big cat keeper at Paradise Wildlife Park. During this time Martin has bonded with a number of big cats including a young Tiger called Indy. Martin said Indy was the most loveable tiger I have ever come across. She would always sit by the side of the fence with those beautiful eyes encouraging you over to give her a cuddle and a kiss. Martin continues to support the big cats and conservation through his writing.